Motorcycle AccidentRoad Debris: A Leading Cause of Motorcycle Crashes

May 1, 20240

Motorcycle crashes are extremely dangerous for the rider. They are susceptible to grave injuries, and it is often the case that their vehicle is irreparable. While there are many causes that lead to motorcycle road accidents, some are more common than others. Road debris is one of the top causes of motorcycle crashes, and our law firm is here to explain why.

What Is Road Debris?

Road debris is essentially anything lying on the road that shouldn’t be there. This could be tree branches, rocks, liquid spills, sticks, furniture and so the list goes on. More often than not, the presence of debris is no one’s fault other than nature. Yet, there are some cases where liability is found in third parties.

Unsecured Items on Other Vehicles

People drive around with items on their roofs, in a trailer, and on the back of their pickups all the time, every single day. When possessions are not locked down securely enough, they are at risk of falling from the vehicle. Should they fly into the road, they are putting every road user who drives along the same route at risk of crashing, swerving, or becoming injured by an emergency stop accident. If a motorcycle rider encounters a big, medium, or small obstacle in their path, their natural instinct will be to swerve out of the way. Swerving or crashing into the item; they are both dangerous acts, especially if the rider is going at full speed.

Debris Left Behind by Companies

Sometimes, a company, for instance, a roofing business, may leave behind debris that they should be disposing of elsewhere. This could be rubble, slate, or anything at all they have used material wise for their most recent spate of jobs. If they opt for leaving the debris in a layby at the side of the road, and it is consequently shifted onto the main carriageway, the implications of this are vast. Not only could it cause a severe crash for motorcyclists, but it might also be responsible for multi-vehicle pileups too.

Who Is Liable?

It can be difficult to determine liability in road debris related accidents. Car drivers may not even realize that they have shed debris from their vehicles, or companies could work hard to cover their tracks. Whatever the case, there are a few ways to figure out accountability with the right attorney on the case.

Evidence is Important

If you believe the debris was not an act of nature, and instead has a culpable party behind it being left in the road, then you will need some evidence to support what you are saying. No insurance team, or even a jury if the case went that far, would ever take just your word for it. So, what evidence could you gather?

  • Photographs
  • Witness reports
  • CCTV footage

How We Can Help

An expert set of eyes on the case will show you exactly what needs to happen. Our attorneys understand exactly which evidence to collect, who the relevant experts are to determine the facts, and how to get your case represented fairly to the insurance adjusters.

Other Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

Aside from road debris, what else causes motorcycles to crash? The top answer is speeding, which has a knock-on effect of a general loss of control. There is also a mechanical error factor to consider which does happen from time to time, as well as things like drunk driving, other vehicles being distracted, poor weather, and bad road conditions. Any of these factors can exacerbate the chance of a rider encountering road debris because a two-factor cause is just as impactful and devastating as a singular cause. It is also possible for one reason to cause another to take place, for example, a slippery road because of a big storm is likely to also have a certain amount of debris littered around.

How to Stay Safe Against Road Debris

So, with the odds being stacked against you, what sort of actions can you realistically take to prevent such an incident from happening in the first place? Motorcycle riders carry a certain level of risk, just like car drivers, but they can still work hard to stay safe.

Staying Focused

Everyone is familiar with how easy it is to zone out or temporarily lose focus while driving. Motorcyclists and car drivers should try as hard as they can to never do this. All it takes is one small moment or lapse in concentration to change the course of your life forever. By staying focused, you will be able to spot a hazard before you hit it and take the necessary actions to prevent a full-scale crash. This means observing the road in front of you and checking for potential dangers that could throw you off your bike or interfere with your regular driving patterns. This is particularly important at nighttime when there are additional hazards to consider like low visibility and animals.

Being a Safe Rider

You will also do wonders for your capacity to not crash if you are generally a safe driver. This means no speeding, leaving a respectable distance between you and other vehicles, and observing the laws of the road! If you have enough space between you and the car ahead, you will be able to stop in time without crashing straight into the side or back of that vehicle once a hazard has been perceived.

Get in Touch with Our Team of Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If you have been involved in a crash because of debris on the road, and you believe it was avoidable, then you have solid grounds for filing a personal injury case or seeking higher compensation on an insurance payout. We can help you navigate the process when you get in touch and explain the situation.

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