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April 29, 20240

Uber drivers account for a fair number of drivers on Hawaiian roads. They operate all hours of the day and the night and go to a variety of locations around the island. This means, there are also a percentage of accident statistics directly related to Uber and their operators, and it is important to know the facts if you find yourself as a victim under these circumstances.

What Is Uber?

First of all, Uber is a company providing a lift share taxi-style service. They operate in a high number of countries all around the world including right here in Hawaii. They are an increasingly popular service and quite reputable when it comes to what they do. However, the drivers are still responsible for a number of crashes, and this is where the problem comes in.

The No-Fault State

Considering that Hawaii has long been a no-fault state regarding auto collisions, these are the facts you need to know. This policy means that all drivers must carry personal injury protection of up to $10,000 coverage. For commercial drivers representing companies like Uber, there also has to be commercial insurance in place and fully active as well. So, if you are involved in an incident of this nature, it would be the driver’s insurance company that would be the first place to turn to. This is where talking to our team is really useful, especially if you have no prior knowledge of the law or how things need to be done.

Uber Policy

Uber has $1 million cover for passengers who are hurt during a rideshare journey. What you can claim is entirely dependent upon how the driver was at the time of the crash. This means things like whether they were drunk or speeding play a significant role in the proceedings.

Here are some things that can complicate an insurance claim.

A Driver’s Shift Status

Every time a driver accepts a job on Uber, they must be logged into the app so that the journey’s data can be properly collected. This is a protective factor for both the vehicle operator company and the passenger. However, sometimes it is the case that drivers fail to log in and verify their live status. Should this happen, it will be difficult to claim from Uber’s insurance, and instead, the case will move through the driver’s own PIP.

Drunk Driving

Where the driver is found to be acting under the influence, legal proceedings and insurance claims will always revert back to them in place of Uber, the company. It is extremely dangerous to operate a vehicle while drunk, but it does happen, and it is always the most likely cause of a road accident.

The Best Way to Proceed

Finding out how to move forward is easy when you make an appointment with our attorneys. We will guide you in the most appropriate direction with the full force of the law behind you. It is a legal requirement from the state of Hawaii that all crash victims make an official report after the event takes place. Any report from a law enforcement officer will be able to take center stage during any insurance negotiations in the days to come.


As with any type of crash, you the victim should always fully document any injuries or consequences that are directly related. This will enable us to determine liability and advocate with your best, most appropriate interests at the core of proceedings. You can take pictures of any injuries sustained after the incident took place and use things like medical records to support what you are saying as the truth.

Never Approach Insurance Companies Alone

It is never advisable to seek out communication with any insurance company without legal representation. We understand exactly what to say and which legal terms should be brought to the conversation in order to have the maximum impact. When you do this without legal counsel, there is a significant risk that you could say the wrong thing, negate your claim, or be forced to accept a settlement that won’t cover your losses and suffering.

Uber accidents are serious events that can have devastating consequences for the victims. If you or someone you love has been involved in this type of collision, do not delay reaching out to our attorneys. Daniel T. Pagliarini is always here to provide support and legal advice.

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