Personal InjuryThe Cost Of Negligence: Seeking Justice For Truck Accident Victims

August 8, 20230

Auto accidents can have deadly consequences, but the fallout is much more catastrophic once a truck is involved. After all, they’re much larger, heavier, and can carry flammable and toxic loads that only make matters worse. There are many causes of truck accidents, but they can often be traced back to negligence.

Different Types of Truck Driver Negligence

Several federal laws in place govern how truck drivers act on the road, and the legal consequences can be serious, including imprisonment, driving bans, and fines. However, this doesn’t prevent rules from being broken in the following ways:

●        Driver aggression. Pressure to meet deadlines can lead truck drivers to speed, change lanes erratically, and commit other dangerous driving acts.

●        Mobile phone usage. Phone use is deadly for all drivers, let alone those in control of enormous vehicles.

●        Illegal or prescription drug use. Some truckers use drugs or medications to stay awake, allowing them to complete their routes.

●        Breaking Hours-of-Service laws. Truckers have tight deadlines, which can often see them ignoring mandatory working hour regulations.

●        Lacking proper training. Accident risks are increased if a trucker lacks the necessary handling knowledge.

Other Potentially Negligent Parties

Truck driver actions can be the leading cause of accidents, but other parties can be held accountable. For example, logistic companies are directly responsible for ensuring their drivers are adequately trained. If they fail in this regard, negligence lies with them.

All trucks need to be kept well-maintained, which means carrying out regular checks and fixing issues straight away. Maintenance issues can be linked to logistic companies, truck drivers, truck rental firms, and manufacturers. To find out where negligence lies, our attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation.

Cost of Negligence to Victims

When people think about truck accidents, they often think about surface-level costs including cosmetic vehicle damage. However, the cost goes much deeper than this. For example, truck accidents can lead to life-altering injuries including paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, loss of limbs, and in some instances, death.

Even if injuries don’t lead to permanent changes, medical recovery will likely be expensive. As well as this, some injuries will lead to loss of earnings because of time off work, which only makes the financial situation much worse.

Between the traumatic experience of the truck accident and the resulting costs, everything can take a toll on a person’s mental health. Even though these issues aren’t physical, victims can claim compensation.

The Cost of Negligence to Businesses and Truck Drivers

Even though truck drivers, logistic companies, and manufacturers are often the negligent parties, they still have to suffer the costs. For example, a logistics company may have to pay enormous sums in compensation. Additionally, if the incident breaks national news, its reputation would be damaged forever, and it may lead to closure of the business.

When it comes to truck drivers, the cost will depend on the circumstances. For example, if they’re driving while under the influence, they will likely face driving bans, time in prison, and hefty fines. As well as this, truck drivers are often injured as well, which can change their life forever. To top all of this off, they may have to live with the guilt forever, especially if the accident leads to death.

If a fault in an accident is traced back to manufacturers or rental companies, the consequences would be similar to truck driver employees. For example, they will likely have to pay compensation and the news may damage their reputation.

Proving Negligence and Getting Justice

To hold a truck driver, employee, or other business responsible for a truck accident, you have to prove negligence beyond a reasonable doubt. This can often get tricky because truck companies have their own interests in mind, which can lead to stonewalling and delay tactics. If this happens, they may run down the two-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims.

Collecting evidence in a truck accident case starts at the scene of the accident. Here are some helpful things you can do if you’re in a fit state:

●        Collect contact details for potential witnesses.

●        Take pictures of the scene.

●        Cooperate fully with the police.

●        Have a medical assessment and keep records.

In a typical car accident, the above information may be enough to convince the court of driver negligence. However, there are more parties involved in truck accidents, making the issue much more complicated. Therefore, you should get in touch with our helpful lawyers.

Truck accidents can lead to life-changing injuries and death, so it’s only right the responsible party is held accountable. To make sure there’s justice for truck accident victims, contact us at Daniel T. Pagliarini Attorney at Law today.

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