Safety TipsEight Safety Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in Winter

April 28, 20240

Many people enjoy the cold and love to be outside in such weather. This is true of motorcycle drivers too. However, bikes are very vulnerable on the road, and intemperate weather can cause dangerous road conditions such as reduced visibility. The following tips will keep you safe on your motorcycle in winter.

Inspect Your Motorcycle Before Going Out

Pre-ride inspections should be done without fail every time you want to go somewhere on your motorcycle. It is important to check seals, lights, clutch, oil, and brakes. Tires must also be inspected. We will discuss this further below.

Check the Weather Reports

As much as you may be itching to go for a ride, there are times when you should avoid going out because of poor anticipated weather conditions. Sleet and snow quickly make the road surface slippery. This is not a good time to go anywhere. Heavy rain can make the ride uncomfortable and more dangerous.

Dress Appropriately

The basic gear that you need in winter are insulated gloves, winter boots, winter pants, and a winter jacket. The ideal winter jacket has several waterproof layers that you can remove as the weather improves or warms up. Both jacket and pants must be waterproof and insulated to stay warm and keep dry. You can wear ordinary pants underneath winter pants. This allows you to remove unnecessary layers when you go inside and quickly get ready for the road when you leave again. Keep your feet dry with waterproof shoes. Additional clothing in cold weather can include a fleece jacket or sweater, shawl or neck warmer, and a second pair of socks.

Use a Helmet Breath Deflector

You will be breathing warm air inside your helmet. When this collides with colder air from outside, condensation occurs. This will cause your visor to clog up with fog, impairing your visibility. If you raise the visor, you will have the cold wind in your eyes. Use a helmet breath deflector to prevent this.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Alcohol subdues the reaction times of the individual. May road traffic accidents involve the consumption of alcohol. Both alcohol and coffee are temporarily warming, thus may seem like a god idea, but are not. All that they do is raise blood flow to the skin surface, which appears to heat the body temperature, but actually decreases body heat.

Drive Slower

A motorcycle may not perform as well as usual during cold weather. Actions that may be compromised are swerving, cornering, accelerating, and braking. No matter how well you know your bike, it will not operate as well when the weather is bad and road surfaces are slippery. Accidents are far more likely in bad weather.

Take Care of Your Tires

Tires are also affected in winter and may lose traction. Traction happens more easily in warm weather where riding for a period of time causes the tires to heat up and tightens traction. Remember that road surfaces are also often wet in poor weather, making traffic incidents a risk.

Check your tire pressure more frequently in the colder months. Get the best grade tires you can afford, such as multi-compound tires. The latter perform well when cornering and will give you better mileage. You can get winter tires and swap them out in summer.

Be Extra Vigilant on the Roads

You are, no doubt, cautious when you drive, and stay alert to other vehicles on the road. Nevertheless, winter can impair visibility and make it harder for you to spot every vehicle. This is even more important for other drivers on the road. Car, truck, and bus windshields become misted up and it can become difficult to see the road clearly, much less a motorcycle. Drivers often stated after an accident that they did not see the motorcyclist at all before the crash occurred. This means that you, as the motorcyclist, need to observe the rules of the road scrupulously and aim to be visible to other road users. Do not pull out suddenly or drive in a car driver’s blind spot.

Follow these tips to ensure safer traveling this winter. Plan your trips and be prepared to delay your ride if bad weather is on its way. Make sure your winter gear is accessible so that you are always warm and dry out there.

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