Car Accidents5 Steps To Take If You’re Involved In A Crash With A Delivery Driver

August 12, 20230

Being involved in a crash is an emotional journey that can impact so many areas of your life. There is a certain protocol to follow post-accident, and if you are involved in an incident with a delivery driver, there are specific steps to take. Here’s what you need to know.

PIP Comes First

Hawaii is a no-fault state. This means both parties involved in the crash have to file a claim under their PIP (Personal Injury Protection) before any injury claim can route can be pursued. There is only so far that this can take you. Things like medical bills and lost wages will be compensated, but that is where it ends. If your injuries cost more medically speaking than your insurance will viably cover, then this is solid grounds for pursuing a further claim against the liable party.

Go To the Hospital

Of course, you won’t have a firm idea of what the injuries actually are, or how much your medical bill will stack up to be until you actually set foot in a hospital. This should be your first point of action. Go get checked out by a medical professional and let them thoroughly assess whether there are any catastrophic damages to address. The initial shock of the accident is more than enough to mask even the most serious of injuries, so do not take any chances at all. This is especially relevant if you were a pedestrian as opposed to a passenger because the impact is often greater.

Make Sure There’s a Police Report

If you end up needing to file for compensation because of serious injuries and emotional stress, you will need access to the official police report logged at the time of the accident. There will be an officer attending the scene, and it is in your best interest to get their badge number and report reference too.

Take Details

If you are in a well enough state to do so, try to gather as many details as possible. This can be witness names and even statements, photographs of the scene and your injuries, and most importantly, the delivery driver’s details as well. These will all come in handy when you speak with our attorneys. The things you will need include their name, vehicle registration, company particulars, and insurance coverage.

Talk To Our Team

At Daniel T Pagliarini, we know the law about car accidents. When a delivery driver is to blame, there are a few more legal hoops to jump through and we will help you move forward instead of becoming lost in the crowd. Thousands of lawsuits are filed every year, and for yours to be successful, we will need to work together.

Come and visit us today at our office below. Delivery driver accidents are common and can often have debilitating consequences for the victims involved. It is time to seek justice.

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